Family Vacation Ideas in Boston

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Vacations are great especially if you are with your family. It does not matter if you will spend your vacation on a beach or adventurous hike, as long as you are with your family – all days are important, fun, and something to cherish.  

What are the best family vacation ideas in Boston?

If you are going to spend your family vacation in Boston, you are on the right track. We’ve listed down some family vacation ideas and inspiration that you and your family will enjoy. From watching whales to going around the art museums, Boston has many things to offer when it comes to leisure activities and tours.  

Whale Watch Cruise 

This cruise is not only perfect for your kids but also for adults. Whale Watch Cruise is an experience that something you would not forget. On this cruise, you will not only see whales but also seabirds, dolphins, and more.  

New England Aquarium 

This attraction is family-friendly. You and your kids will learn a lot from this attraction and they will be entertained at the same time. New England Aquarium is also near some shopping stores and dining restaurants.  

Fenway Park Tour & Red Sox Game 

This place is great and perfect for families who love to watch sport. Here, you will get a chance to witness your favorite team and cheer for them in a live game. You can also have a tour at Fenway and learn about its history.  

Freedom Trail Walking Tour 

Sure thing, you can never leave Boston without knowing its history. In this tour, you will get a chance to know some information about all the landmarks that you can find here in Boston.  

Boston Public Garden & Swan Boats 

Given the fact that there are many gardens and parks in Boston, nothing beats the beauty and relaxation of the Boston Public Garden has to offer. This is a good place if you want to have a picnic with your family, stroll, take a picture of Instagram-worthy landscapes, and more.  

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Boston Children’s Museum 

Of course, you cannot leave Boston without bringing your children to the Boston’s Children Museum. This museum is truly interactive and it offers a lot of activities wherein your children can climb, play, create, and more. 

These are some of the top family vacation ideas that Boston has to offer. Make sure to visit and enjoy each destination with your family and make fun-filled memories together.