Newport Beach Attractions

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Newport Beach is one of the most scenic attractions on the Western US Coast. It boasts magnificent beaches, world best surfing spots, nature preserves, art museums, romantic restaurants and not to mention the legendary Bluth family frozen banana. As a beach town it offers all the delights of a coastal town but with a slight touch of history and luxury that makes it a truly unique tourist destination.

Visiting the Newport Beach

Like any iconic ancient town, Newport Beach has evolved over its long lifetime. It began as a simple rancho known as Bolsa de San Joaquin with just 14000 head of cattle, 3000 horses and no boats. During the industrial revolution however the town expanded as commercial shipping grew as the main economic activity. However, as the shipping industry declined the town adapted very fast into a top tourist destination attracting top celebrities such as James Cagney and John Wayne who moved into the town permanently in 1960.

The Harbor and Balboa Island

Newport’s Beach beating heart is its harbor which is comprised of two bodies of water. It has the Upper and Lower Newport Bay each with its own unique attractions. The Lower Newport Bay has lovely restaurants and shops found mostly in the famous Balboa Peninsula, Balboa Island, and the Cannery Village.

Balboa Island is an especially key attraction in Newport Beach. A ferry will carry you to the island with vast array of boutiques, shops, restaurants and a Ferris Wheel that will give you a run for your money.

The Wedge

There is no better place for vacation and to surf than ‘The Wedge’, an area popular throughout the country for its massive waves that can go as high as 30 feet (9.1 meters). This area is awash with surfers who come from all over the country for the world-class bodyboarding and bodysurfing.

The Beach

The Corona del Mar which is Spanish for “Crown of the Sea” is also a worthy mention. Here you can bask in its sandy beaches like the Little Corona and also swim in its tide pools. The Newport Pier located at McFadden place also offers a viable option for swimmers. If not a savvy swimmer one can also take to fishing or just walking along the 1032 feet long pier.


Fauna and flora are also a key part of the Newport Beach experience. Take a stroll in the Sherman Gardens and the Environmental Nature Center to get a sense of the real botanical natives of the area and be one with nature.


Take a slight dip into art with the Orange County Museum of Art and annual festivals. The museum boasts over 3000 items with a focus on art in California in addition to rotating exhibits. In spring you can come and watch the screenings at the Newport Beach Film Festival and listen to some good music at the Newport Beach Jazz Festival.

Frozen Banana

And finally one cannot fail to get a taste of the famous Newport Beach cuisine that is frozen banana and try to settle the never-ending argument between Dad’s Donuts and Sugar ‘n Spice on its inventor.